730 HP BMW X5 M Takes Lowered SUVs to New Heights


Manhart, the aftermarket trim company has revealed their latest creation, a 730-HP lowered SUV, based on the BMW X5.

Manhart has accumulated a lot of experience in turning regular SUVs into untamed monsters, in the last few years we have witnessed the modification of several models like a BMW X6 M, and Range Rover, squeezing much more horses under their hoods in the process.

But this new modified BMW X5 M is arguably the meanest looking of them all. The first thing Manhart has done is pull the car closer to the ground, a detail that has aesthetic, and performance consequences, low SUVs are more serious-looking, and when you take into consideration the added power, being close to the road helps a lot.


730 HP BMW X5 M Takes Lowered SUVs to New Heights


The car preserved the stock automatic gearbox and the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, but the tuning company has risen torque from 553 lb.-ft to 663 lb.-ft by using a new MHtronik ECU map, coupled with the firm’s own stainless-steel exhaust. Finished with BMW's stock exhaust valve to keep engine noises to a minimum.

German strict emissions regulations prevented Manhart from using a catless downpipe on this particular model, but the option is still available for customers residing in more car-friendly countries.

On the outside, the company has added some very elegant touches, like the new Hamann Anniversary Evo wheels, measuring 11 inches wide and 23 inches in diameter. And a new exposed carbon hood, carbon front splitter, side skirts, and diffuser, in addition to an F1- like fog light placed front & center.

Manhart left the interior in the clients’ hands, it preferred to keep much of the original interior, giving their clients the liberty to choose from a lot of modification possibilities, like a carbon-fiber trim, or a carbon wheel.

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