ToyotaToyota and lexus will give you a ten year free trial on new safety systems



Toyota and Lexus are drawing more attention to their Safety Connect and Service Connect systems by offering a free trial to current and new Toyota and Lexus car owners. 


Both safety systems offer some very interesting and useful features and services, Toyota and Lexus want their customers to get familiar with the safety systems by launching a new free trial program that could be as long as 10 years. 

The offer will be available for all 2023 Lexus models, in addition to the 2022 NX and LX models. In Toyota's case, the safety system free trial is offered with most 2023 cars and for the 2022 Tundra.

The two brands released the full list of the concerned models. Starting with Toyota we have The bZ4X, Corolla/Corolla Hatch, Corolla Cross, Crown, GR Corolla, Highlander, Rav4, Sequoia, Tundra (both 2022 and 2023), and finally, the Venza, while the Lexus models are The ES, NX (both 2022 and 2023), LS, LX, RX, RS, and UX. 




Toyota and lexusToyota and lexus will give you a ten year free trial on new safety systems



Now let’s get to the details, as indicated on this official diagram, the “Connected Services” offer a variety of roadside assistance services that rely on GPS and emergency assistance to offer free 24/7 help for drivers who find themselves in some kind of emergency or are just stranded somewhere and in need of technical help. 

The basic services include jumps, fuel delivery, tire repair/replacement, and towing. In addition to the SOS function, which connects you with the push of a button to a response center agent who can then send the driver the appropriate assistance based on the GPS location, while staying with him on the line until help arrives. 

Some other advanced features include automatic collision notification services that can detect accidents and send an automatic report to Lexus or Toyota's Safety Connect response center, detailing the type of accident and the sustained damage, like airbag deployment or rear-end collision for example. 

Safety Connect and Service Connect systems don’t stop here however, they also offer maintenance reminders and vehicle health reports, stuff like fuel levels, vehicle mileage, and battery status will all be monitored, and the driver will be notified in case any maintenance is needed. 

Finally, the ultimate service is the stolen vehicle locators. In this case, Toyota and Lexus collaborate with the local authorities to locate and retrieve stolen cars using GPS.

Listing all the services like this may seem a bit overwhelming, but Toyota and Lexus want their customers to feel safe and protected while driving, knowing that in case of an emergency they can get the appropriate help in time. 

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