Toyota Toyota Aygo X Air Edition Adds More Style And A Standard Canvas Roof



The new Toyota Aygo X Air Edition brings something exciting to this small hatchback; the Canvas Roof.


The Toyota Aygo has been a name in the UK for a long time, but just like with any other car model, there are bound to change. The air-cooled Aygo is already a great little car and the new version takes the model to the next level. Adding more style and a standard canvas roof to the current Aygo range, the new Toyota Aygo X Air Edition shows that it's becoming one of the most stylish subcompacts on the roads.

In fact, Canvas Roofs are becoming increasingly popular as they provide a unique look and feel that can be hard to beat. After close examination, it became apparent that a canvas roof would be a perfect addition to the Aygo X Air Edition.





Toyota Aygo X Air Edition Adds More Style And A Standard Canvas Roof



Combining functionality with style and design, this new edition adds more style to the popular Aygo model portfolio with its 4 shades – Juniper Blue, Chilli Red, Ginger, Beige, and Cardamon Green. The interior features upholstery in different colors with an overall black theme that includes unique door panel, and stitching on the seats and instrument panel center area.

With many clever interior and exterior touches that both the driver and passengers will appreciate, the Toyota Aygo X Air Edition is the next step in style and performance. It sports a bold front design with an 8-inch infotainment unit that features Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity for your smartphone. Auto wiper and a reversing camera fitted with parking sensors also come standard on the new Aygo X.

Another great thing about the Aygo is its engine. It is mated to either a five-speed manual or a CVT automatic gearbox. The Air Edition’s engine can generate power up to 71 horsepower and 93 Nm (68.6 lb-ft) of torque which provides excellent acceleration and fuel efficiency.

With £19,045 ($21,395) for the manual and £20,225 ($22,720) for the automatic, [1]the Toyota Aygo X Air Edition is a great choice for anyone looking for a practical but fun car. It offers great styling, a standard canvas roof, and more style than its compact size would suggest.

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