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Toyota Rangga is a concept for future versatile utility trucks destined mainly for the Indonesian and South East Asian markets.  

Given that the forthcoming production model is set to be predominantly marketed in the largest South Asian country, the new Toyota Rangga concept made its debut at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show.

Toyota Rangga - Endless Customization Possibilities


The customizable truck introduced a novel and intriguing concept, which is commonplace in other industries but exceptionally rare within the automotive sector. Toyota's objective is to produce a rudimentary and adaptable truck fit for easy customization.

In addition to the evident advantages of reduced production costs, the truck will offer extreme compatibility with a wide range of commercial applications. The beauty of it lies in the fact that the ultimate choice will be left to the end buyer.

Local customization workshops will incorporate components and make adjustments to the bodywork based on the desires of the vehicle owner and the specific commercial use the truck is intended for. Representatives from several local conversion companies attended the Show, initiating opportunities for preliminary discussions with both the manufacturer and potential buyers.

Customization shouldn't be limited to just utilitarian aspects. While having a truck that aligns with your specific line of work is great, it's essential to consider its durability in harsh work environments. Additional protective customizations might become necessary, encompassing custom seat covers and custom floor mats. Just to keep the truck shining throughout the workday.

At the Indonesian auto show, Toyota presented various potential customization options for the truck. The Rangga could transform into a mobile café, an ambulance, a pace car, a firefighter truck, or even a cute little ice cream truck. Toyota stressed that these showcased examples are merely indicative, the final Rangga production model can be a lot more than that. 

What are the specs of the Toyota Rangga?


The truck's presence at the auto show was centered exclusively around its customization potential, leaving all other aspects open to speculation. The exact dimensions of the truck also remain undisclosed. Nevertheless, judging by the photos and the region’s predominant truck trends, it’s safe to assume that the Rangga will likely be a compact single-cab truck, smaller than the international iterations of the Tacoma and the Hilux.

While it’s easy to assume that the Rangga Concept will be an EV, there’s no definitive confirmation of this at present.  While we wait for official technical specifications, certain unofficial sources suggest that the Rangga might offer two powertrain choices: one with a gasoline engine and another propelled by diesel. Both options are likely to feature four-cylinder engines, because – as you well know - the available space can not accommodate the larger 4.5-liter V8 engine.

When asking about the production model, we’re faced with the same ambiguity. Toyota refrained from sharing a final launch date or a development plan

Toyota Rangga

Toyota rangga concept



Is the Toyota Rangga exclusive to Indonesia? 


Apparently yes. While we anticipate further information, Toyota is actively engaging on the marketing front. The company initiated a contest that encourages local Indonesian artists to create renderings showcasing potential customizations for the Rangga. These designs are based on a foundational model provided by Toyota.

The contest’s results are beginning to emerge, with certain digital models transforming the truck into a camper or a drift truck. The winning design will receive a prize of 100 million Indonesian rupiahs, equivalent to $6,500.

Now, for a brief Javanese language lesson: “Ronggo” is the name of a local hero renowned for their strength and resilience. As you may have already deduced, the Toyota Rangga Concept draws its name from this heroic figure.

Can I buy the Toyota Rangga in the US? 


The notion of introducing such a versatile vehicle to the US market is undeniably appealing. However, this prospect appears highly improbable. Rangga - in its current form at least – is deemed unsuitable for a market that leans towards larger-than-life trucks.

Moreover, there are reports claiming that Toyota is in the process of developing a pickup truck based on the Corolla, specifically tailored for the US market. Although there’s nothing concrete yet about the project, if the automaker proceeds, the truck would be manufactured on the same assembly line as its sibling, the regular Corolla. However, it's not expected to be available before 2027.

The rumored truck would likely belong to the same weight class as the Ford Maverick and the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Competing against these models presents a more logical goal for Toyota in the US, unlike bringing in a new untested compact, customizable commercial truck.