Toyota's Crown

Toyotas Crown Car to Debut on Global Markets


Toyota's Crown is on its way to North America for its global debut.

The Crown is Toyota’s flagship model in Japan, and it will hit U.S. shores for the first time soon. The new vehicle will be the 16th generation of the brand’s Crown line and is expected to begin production in January.

“I’m so excited to announce today that this new Crown family of vehicles will be offered not just in Japan but globally for the very first time,”. According to its CEO, Akio Toyoda. “A car that could very well be our crowning achievement.”

According to the company, Toyota's Crown car will be available in four varieties: A crossover with a hybrid system; a sedan; a sport-utility vehicle, and a wagon crossover called the “estate”.

The Toyota Crown is a sedan that was first sold in Japan in 1955. The Crown was a symbol of the Japanese economy, with its success mirroring the rise of Toyota and the modern Japanese economy.

The Crown is designed to appeal to people who want a premium car but don't want to sacrifice comfort or convenience. This all-new category of cars will go on sale in 40 nations around the world. The most affordable version starts at 4.35 million yen ($31,000) in Japan.

Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder of the Toyota Motor Corporation, called the Crown “the pride of Japan.”. “Nothing will make me happier than Japan’s Crown becoming loved by everyone around the world,” Toyoda stated.

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