Uber and MotionalUber signs multimarket agreement for driverless taxis



Uber and Motional Technologies will develop autonomous driving vehicle systems, integrating artificial intelligence with on-board sensors and cameras.


Uber has teamed up with Motional Technologies to create technology that is changing how we see transportation. Under the partnership, both companies will work together to develop autonomous vehicle technology, which will use Motional's new all-electric IONIQ 5-based robotaxis. The project allows Uber to remain at the forefront of innovation in the transportation sector.

The two companies will work together on a comprehensive plan for deploying their driverless cars in cities across America and more than 20 other countries worldwide. The project will also include plans for safety and design elements that will make these vehicles safe for passengers and drivers alike.

This is a great opportunity for both the drivers and passengers of AVs. The agreement will make it easier for both to get where they need to go, and will ultimately help the AV industry grow. The partnership will combine Uber's expertise in ride sharing, driver safety and convenience, with Motional's analysis of customer demand and data science expertise to create an innovative transportation solution for every market that makes sense.

The agreement will allow both companies to expand into new markets; it marks the beginning of a new chapter in the market for AVs as it brings together suppliers, customers, and technology providers to create a truly global partnership around driverless transportation. This is a great move by Uber, as it shows that they are not allowing themselves to fall behind on this quickly growing and highly influential technology; it also shows that they are taking the right steps to advance their business model.

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