UPS Tests Tiny Battery Powered Cycles in Congested Cities


The shift towards carbon neutrality is critical for the company as it helps them build community trust and investor confidence in their sustainability efforts.

UPS is using batteries to power a small, battery-powered cycle in busy city streets to more efficiently haul its cargo and reduce exhaust emissions. The company said that the vehicle is designed to replace some of its older delivery trucks. 

The company's new signature vehicles sport the company's gold-colored logo and accompanying stripe on a dark brown background. Many pedestrians found it amusing.

Compared to one of the company's more traditional delivery trucks, which rumbles through traffic on its way to its destination, the pedal-powered vehicle was overshadowed by its size.

The company's goal is to reduce fuel consumption by 90 percent by 2050 while lowering emissions and emissions-equivalent gases from its headquarters by 25 percent per metric ton from 2011 levels."

UPS is conducting a trial run of its new service in New York City and several European cities.

"New York is a complicated city, when we look at the density," said Nicole Pilet, the industrial engineering director for UPS. “So if we can have success here in the city, then we can see how we implement in other cities throughout the U.S.”

The company is working to make package delivery faster, more efficient, and safer by shifting its fleet to electrically powered vehicles. It's a big shift for the U.S. package delivery industry, which is estimated to be one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. 

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