USUS increases EV battery recycling capacity with new AL facility (



The United States continues to lead the way in adopting new technology to help ease the transition to electric vehicles.


EV battery recycling plants are crucial in ensuring the sustainability of electric vehicles and the environment overall. With EVs expected to account for more than half of all new car sales in the coming years, the world is looking forward to a sustainable future.

On a mission to completely eliminate combustion engine vehicles, US-based automotive battery recycling company Li-Cycle has announced the opening of its new battery recycling facility in Alabama. It will be able to process up to 10.000 tons of battery waste annually. The company believes this new facility will help them meet the demand for EV battery recycling in North America. 

The company says that the ability to recycle and reuse batteries without environmentally harmful processes allows Li-Cycle to provide clean energy solutions at an affordable cost.



Li-Cycle confirmsUS increases EV battery recycling capacity with new AL facility (



Li-Cycle confirms it can now recycle 60,000 EV batteries across North America, allowing EV battery materials to be more efficiently converted into high-performance cathode materials.

This facility enhances our ability to support the recycling needs of our diverse and growing customer base in North America to ensure lithium-ion battery material is recycled in an environmentally friendly and safe manner. Li-Cycle is creating an essential domestic supply of recycled material to support EV production and assist automakers in meeting their domestic production content requirements. CEO of Li-Cycle, Ajay Kochar stated.[1]

In addition to increasing its EV battery recycling capacity, Li-Cycle plans to expand its renewable energy business by investing in wind power projects worldwide.

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