Gen Travel is a concept car from Volkswagen with many features that promote comfortable traveling and socializing in an autonomous vehicle. 


Another futuristic autonomous electric vehicle is about to be launched, but what sets this new Volkswagen concept apart is the unprecedented focus on the seats’ configurability; in the new Gen Travel Concept, you can sleep, eat, have a meeting, and more, thanks to the multiple cabin settings coupled with studied ambient lighting modes that can create a comfortable environment for the passengers at all times. 






The idea of a car that wants you to sleep is a bit odd, but that’s exactly what Gen Travel's “overnight setup” does; once activated, the seats get adjusted automatically into a horizontal position, and the lighting changes into a melatonin-inducing tone, helping the passenger have a comfortable sleep while traveling. 

Another main configuration is the “conference setup” where the four seats are positioned around a large middle table, this setting allows for a comfortable working environment, giving you the chance to invest your time into work instead of wasting it on the driving wheel. Of course, the lighting follows as always, helping passengers focus on their tasks and alleviate motion sickness.

Other configurations include a dining setup or even an augmented reality cinema setup, so it’s not all about business, after all, entertainment got its share as well.  

The Gen Travel concept design is dominated by large glass windows all around, letting a lot of natural light inside and giving passengers a great view of the surrounding scenery. However, Volkswagen made sure that the windows on the side end at waist level, a necessary measure to avoid disturbing sleeping passengers with outside lighting and curious pedestrians. 

The other main design feature is of course the butterfly doors, a great addition to the final design, emphasizing the futuristic aspect of the concept car and also helping with getting in and out of it. 

Gen Travel is designed as an electric vehicle from the start, but VW refrained from sharing any information about the drivetrain. They instead shed the light on the smart suspension that gets automatically adjusted ahead of time to ensure a smooth drive in every possible situation. Volkswagen also talked about the possibility of “platooning”; several Gen Travel units can be grouped into train-like convoys to reduce energy consumption and increase range.

After all, the Gen Travel is just a showcase model with no chance of ever entering the production line, but Volkswagen might decide to take some of the car’s features and use them on future models.  


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