VolkswagenVW bring back push buttons steering wheel



Volkswagen is returning to Push Buttons on Steering Wheels for its upcoming models, following a controversial experiment with touch-sensitive buttons. 

Carmakers are famous for using the most recent technologies in their cars, a practice that can result in a huge success or an equally large failure. We can understand that companies are always under the pressure to constantly produce something new, something catchy that would attract the customers’ attention to their cars. That is the story of Volkswagen's touch-sensitive buttons. The company was mercilessly criticized for the technology’s impracticality, so now they learned the lessons and are going back to making old-fashioned & reliable push buttons. 

The decision was announced by Thomas Schafer, head of the VW core brand in a LinkedIn post, claiming that this represents the company’s response to its customers' feedback. 





“We are sharpening our portfolio and our design, plus creating a new simplicity in operating our vehicles. For example, we are bringing back the push-button steering wheel! That's what customers want from VW.”

With the facelifted Golf coming in 2023, everyone suspects that it will be the first model to bear the old/new buttons, in fact, a prototype was already spotted recently with what looked like traditional steering wheel controls. 

However, the company knows that customers' feedback was not limited to the steering wheel controls, many of them also wanted to get rid of the central console touch controls; the temperature slide there was a bit tricky to manipulate especially during nighttime due to the absence of illumination. It’s not yet clear if VW will heed this request as well, if not, Volkswagen will probably highlight the presence of a simpler HVAC control on the touch screen. 

Golf fans are not the only ones waiting for this facelift, SEAT/Cupra Leon and the Skoda Octavia lovers are waiting as well. Because according to tradition, most of the modifications we see on a new Golf, get carried over to its sister models.

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