The US has a great truck culture, consumers love them, and they were always well supplied by big American brands like Ford and GM. That’s a reality that kept foreign brands cautious about entering the US truck market for a long time. But now, with the advent of the electric truck technology, big global carmakers like Volkswagen are contemplating a great opportunity to penetrate this once impenetrable market.

There is great promise for electric trucks in the US, by having the largest truck fleet in north America, the electric truck market has enough room and opportunity to grow and prosper, the initial estimates state that it can experience a 70% growth between now and 2026. 

And that’s the opportunity the German carmaker wants to exploit, with only few options already on sale, the new Volkswagen electric truck will have the chance to take a decent share of the emerging market, at least until Tesla’s cybertruck, Rivian’s R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning are fully commercialized. And even then, Volkswagen will still have a fighting chance. 

Volkswagen EVs are already fairly successful in the US market, even taking the second place, right behind Tesla, in sale numbers last year. A fact that further encourages the brand to try its luck with EV trucks.

However, Volkswagen should take note of the hardships that the American truck makers are facing. mainly, the still rampant supply chain disruptions. A headache that kept the American companies struggling to meet their release schedule, especially with their new EV trucks.

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