WaitWaiting Game: New BMWs Will Get In-Car Multiplayer Console System



BMW is planning to integrate in-car multiplayer gaming into its future EV models, in hopes to make waiting times more entertaining.


EV cars are rapidly transforming from just an ambitious idea into a concrete reality, their numbers on public roads are growing rapidly, attracting more and more drivers every day. So, looking at how things are developing these days, it doesn’t matter if you love EVs or you hate them, you will probably find yourself driving one a few years from now.

Besides the environmental impact and engine noises, perhaps the most noticeable change that you would feel is the long waiting time at charging stations; owning an EV means that you will be sitting at a charging station for an average of 20 minutes each time, waiting for your car’s battery to charge. This is the main negative point that carmakers have been struggling with for many years now, a few solutions have been floating around for a while, like battery swap technology or turning charging stations into cozy relaxing lounges. However, BMW wants to try a different approach to solve this problem.

BMW wants to make the waiting time more entertaining, mainly by equipping their cars with multiplayer gaming systems. Other carmakers have already made significant steps in this regard; Tesla owners for example can watch YouTube, and Netflix, and try a large collection of games, ranging from casual ones to some famous names like Asteroids and Cuphead. You may argue that Tesla overdid it when you know that it offers the possibility to use the steering wheel and pedals as controllers on some games.[i]



New BMWsWaiting Game: New BMWs Will Get In-Car Multiplayer Console System



BMW however, as is typical for German brands, wants to take a more reserved approach; it made a deal with AirConsole to figure out a practical way to integrate in-car gaming in its future EV models. Emphasizing that the goal here is not to have some over-the-top gaming experience, but just to alleviate some of the inconvenience that the long waiting time can create, and ideally turn it into an enjoyable experience shared with friends and family.

AirConsol’s approach is to do with BMW cars what it has been doing for years in its own projects; the gaming company will create shared-screen multiplayer games that allow passengers to join in simply by scanning a QR code and using their phones as controllers. This seems a more reasonable and practical approach than having an Xbox controller in the car or using the pedals as controllers.

Most of the games that AirConsole will provide will be of the casual kind, ones that don’t require too much effort and that you probably never heard of before, however, BMW owners may have some notable exceptions like the puzzle game Death Squared. The games will be natively installed on the cars’ entertainment system or delivered over the air.

BMW promised that we will begin seeing these games in its cars starting next year, but without specifying if the models released before 2023 will get updated or if the gaming system will be restrained to some specific geographical regions.

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